Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Yes for Blackwell from a Friend

I'm a pro-Bush pro-Iraq War anti-taxes type who is in favor of school vouchers statewide. The Republicans in Ohio (Taft, senators, etc) are embarrassing but at least a Rep. majority in the Senate now is somewhat
helpful to Bush. If the NEA supports Strickland, then I'm pro-Blackwell:
the NEA is a radical group far to the left of most teachers, & those
teachers have no choice but to pay dues by '04 the NEA was
a huge contributor to Kerry & the most liberal Dems.
I agree that Israel isn't affected by state govt. But higher taxes (Ohio
is now one of the most taxed states; 20 yrs ago it was one of the least)
will depress property values, causing real estate taxes up to support
the sinkhole of public schools. Only capitalism, i.e. school choice
competition, will stop the hemorrhage. So school vouchers, which won't
help me because my youngest child is in his 20's & my grandchildren live
in Alabama, are still the decidine issue for me.


Excelsior said...

Judging from this post, I would say that you and I are on the same page regarding the issues you mentioned. I'm not Jewish; I'm an Evangelical Christian. But I think I will discover that our interests coincide most of the time. I will be back to check on this blog now and then. Meanwhile, Mazel Tov!

Avromi said...

do you have a blog?

Excelsior said...

No. I enjoy reading and posting comments on blogs I find interesting such as yours. I strongly support Israel, and generally you could accurately describe me as a member of Hillary's "vast right-wing conspiracy." However, I am lukewarm at best toward Patrick Buchanan, mainly because of his unabashed dislike for the state of Israel. I do my best to raise money privately for candidates whose views I agree with, and I am active in my local Republican central committees. I will tell you more about me if you're interested, but I must be careful not to compromise my anonymity. I sometimes write unwelcome and highly critical analyses of local political folks, some of whom are my friends. It's best that I stay in the shadows, so to speak.

I remain puzzled by the persistent Democrat leanings of American Jews. I suspect it may be rooted in the same fallacy that permanently ensnared my parents. They thought the Democrat Party of today was still the party of FDR, HST, JFK, HHH and Henry "Scoop" Jackson. It isn't. Jews, particularly Orthodox Jews, as I understand it, strongly believe in moral absolutes. The Ten Commandments are not the "Ten Suggestions." Today's Dems do not accept the existence of absolute truth or moral absolutes. Their morality is situational. This leads them to espouse all kinds of doctrine and values I find heinous and repugnant and, yes, evil. So I'm active in trying to derail Democrats and push up Republicans with whom I find common ground.

Sorry to ramble on. I'll hush for now. And please forgive me for somehow messing up my password and having to sign in with a different username and password.

Excelsior said...

Looks like I did NOT sign in with a different username. It's a good thing I can make a living pursuing my career, because I'm not much of a computer whiz....

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