Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Why Ted Strickland will be Good for Jews

I just received this from the Strickland campaign office. In their opinion, this is why a Jew should vote for Ted Strickland for Governor of Ohio.

Thank you for your inquiry regarding Congressman Ted Strickland and his positions regarding Israel and the Jewish community, particularly Orthodox Jews, in Ohio. We appreciate your taking the time to contact us, and I hope this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial dialogue.

Ted Strickland has been a strong supporter of Israel, as evidenced by his Congressional record:

  • Congressman Strickland supported the Syria Accountability Act, which required the President to crack down on Syria as long as it occupied Lebanon and fostered terrorist activities, and the Iran Freedom Support Act, which aided democratic efforts and issued sanctions in response to Iran’s nuclear weapon ambitions.
  • Congressman Strickland co-signed a letter in early 2003 to President George W. Bush encouraging him to demand real results from Palestinian leaders in cracking down on terrorism and violence. Later that year, Ted joined colleagues on a letter to U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan expressing concern that open support of Yasser Arafat by foreign governments undermined efforts to chart a new direction for the Palestinian people. Congressman Strickland wrote again in 2003 to President Bush, noting the political, financial and emotional costs of Israel’s withdrawal of its military and civilian presence from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
  • Congressman Strickland voted for H.Res.921, which expressed condolences to all families of innocent victims of the recent violence in Israel and Lebanon and affirmed the House of Representatives' commitment to Israel as it is taking actions to meet its security needs.

As Governor, Ted Strickland would build upon existing successes and institutions to forge stronger Ohio-Israel relations, focusing on A) building up trade and investment through public-private partnerships, B) facilitating cooperative research and development activities in private industry and academic centers, and C) shoring up Ohio’s homeland security through collaboration with Israeli authorities and experts.


Jill said...

Okay - now, here's the part where you need to put this side by side with the Blackwell piece and decide if these positions make you want to vote one way or the other.

Frankly, we're in the USA. All the politicians I can think of who want to be rid of Israel are pretty obvious about it or their dislike comes out in plenty of quantifiable ways. Neither of these candidates strikes me as being bad for Israel, certainly not from the seat of Columbus.

Thus, I have to think about myself as a Jew in Ohio. And in that regard, even though I respect your desire about vouchers and Jewish Day Schools, I think ultimately Strickland is far more interested in protecting and promoting the rights of most interest to me.

The dissemination of info is the easy part - how about some analysis? :)

Excelsior said...

Ted Strickland is a liberal interested in pro-homosexual, anti-family, pro-abortion, anti-defense, high tax, big labor and big government kinds of issues. He seems to have a lackadaisical attitude toward his legislative duties in the HR, having the 3d highest absentee record out of the 435 members in the 109th Congress. And Ken Blackwell, like me a strong Christian, is also like me a strong supporter of Israel. Weigh the two candidates carefully, and I think it will be obvious which one should receive the votes of Ohio's Jewish community.

Avromi said...


do you have documentation to prove your points?
please send if you do


Excelsior said...



There are many other sources, but you have access to them just like I do.