Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sherrod Brown for Jews

I received this today from the Sherrod Brown for Senate campaign.

Supports Israel: co-sponsored legislation to
ensure that American funds do not go to any
entity run by Hamas.
Supports Israel: co-sponsored legislation to
ensure that American funds do not go to any
entity run by Hamas.
2IRAN OY! DeWine opposed Frank Lautenberg’s
legislation to stop U.S. companies from
putting profit ahead of our nation’s security
by doing business with Iran.
Brown seeks increased American focus on Iran
– a greater danger than Iraq – and more American
leadership on this grave threat. 3 THE RADICAL
RIGHT OY! DeWine received a 100% rating in 2004 from
the far-right Christian Coalition, which favors
teaching creationism in public schools vs.
Brown received the following ratings from the
Christian Coalition: 23% in 2004, 0% in 2002,
0% in 2000, 13% in 1998, and 21% in 1996.
OY! DeWine strongly opposes embryonic stem
cell research for any purpose and has reaf-
firmed his support for a complete ban on
extending the life-saving research.
Brown was an original co-sponsor of the Stem
Cell Research Enhancement Act.
FREEDOM OY! Since 1997, DeWine has voted with the ultraconservative
National Right to Life Committee
every time.
Brown received a 100% rating in 2005
from NARAL Pro-Choice America and a 0%
rating from the National Right to Life Committee.
6SENIORS OY! The non-partisan Alliance for Retired Americans
gives DeWine a 10% lifetime record
of voting with America’s seniors on pivotal
issues like Medicare and Social Security.
The non-partisan Alliance for Retired Americans
gives Brown a 100% lifetime record of voting
with America’s seniors on pivotal issues like
Medicare and Social Security.
to the u.s. Senate race in Ohio
For more information, please see or email us at The National Jewish Democratic
Council (NJDC) is a grassroots organization that advocates for a strong US-Israel relationship, separation of
church & state, and reproductive choice. This voter guide is for educational purposes only.


Jill said...

Avromi - I receive regular emails (newsletters, bulletins etc.) from NJDC. A lot of those groups let you sign up for their free emailed newsletters. I do, of course, delete a large percentage, and I do get some from "both sides of the aisles." I like to canvas you might say.

Also, I just saw a post this evening on the Solon Democratic Club's blog about Josh Mandel inability to say whether he is voting for Ken Blackwell. I met with Josh for a couple of hours back in June and I didn't ask him that question, though I did express my curiosity about how his campaign website doesn't contain the word Republican to indicate his party affiliation.

That's his prerogative, of course, but I have to say, if you're going to run for an elected office, and you have beliefs, I don't know - I just feel as though you'd think the person running would feel solidly enough about his affiliation to include it on his campaign website. Josh knows I feel this way. And I know I'm not the only one.

Anyway - just food for thought on the erev before the erev.

Avromi said...

I hear you - I will look into that after Rosh Hashana - thanks.

Anonymous said...


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