Friday, October 27, 2006

Liberal vs. Jewish values

This letter was printed in the Cleveland Jewish News today. It shows the clear difference between two types of Jews.

Liberal vs. Jewish values

This letter is in response to Paul Levin's letter “Consider the whole Republican package” (CJN, Oct. 13).

Almost every time I read the letters section of the Cleveland Jewish News, I come across letters from liberal Jews mentioning “Jewish values.” These writers invariably claim that liberal values are “Jewish values.”

For the record, the following (a partial list) are not “Jewish values”: Abortion on demand; homosexuality; socialism; unwavering hatred of President George Bush; believing that the Rosenbergs were innocent; partial-birth abortion; support for an independent Palestine; intermarriage and blind support for the Democratic Party.

Just because certain values are held by a group of Jews does not make those values “Jewish.”

I would be grateful if liberal Jews would stop claiming their values are “Jewish values.” They are not.

Yosef Feigenbaum

Beersheva, Israel

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