Monday, October 16, 2006

Tom Kean for Israel

This was sent to me by the Coalitions Director of the Tom Kean for U.S.Senate Campaign.

Israel is a beacon of democracy and a great American ally in the Middle East. Peace for Israel means security - and America must empower our great ally in their efforts.”

-Tom Kean Jr.

Ø Israel wrongfully gets no representation on the United Nations Security Council.

Ø The U.S. Ambassador to the UN must stand up for Israel’s interests.

· John Bolton has stood up for Israel time and time again, yet Bob Menendez has blocked a vote on Bolton’s nomination.

· Tom Kean fully supports John Bolton’s nomination largely due to Bolton’s support of Israel in the UN.

Ø Tom Kean strongly supports Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah.

“Senator Joe Lieberman has been an independent, principled leader of the highest integrity who, like me, will tackle the important issues in a bipartisan manner. I fully support his re-election and look forward to serving with him in the U.S. Senate.”

-Tom Kean Jr.

Ø Bob Menendez has called for Lieberman’s defeat and removal from the U.S. Senate by supporting Lieberman’s opponent.

Ø Bob Menendez consistently sides with the fringe members of his own party and has proven incapable of bipartisanship.

Ø Bob Menendez’s hyper-partisanship allowed New Jersey to get just 55 cents back for every dollar sent to Washington.

Ø Bob Menendez’s hyper-partisanship allowed Wyoming to get more homeland security funding per capita than New Jersey.


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