Friday, October 27, 2006

Brown and Jewish Values

Brown and Jewish values

This letter published in the Cleveland Jewish News today informs you why one should vote for sherod Brown.

Sherrod Brown, Democratic candidate for US Senator, truly believes in mitzvot and the teachings of Micah that tell us “to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with G-d.”

This is why I urge voters to support the candidate who truly represents our Jewish values, Sherrod Brown.

Congressman Brown believes that ten years is too long to wait to raise the minimum wage. He strongly supports stem-cell research and reproductive rights, and stands by our seniors by opposing Social Security privatization. He wants to provide home heating subsidies to our most vulnerable and make prescription drugs affordable to nursing home residents.

The DeWine/Bush policies have undermined our civil liberties, decimated our Constitution and advocated the unchecked powers of a Unitary Presidency, while undermining the Geneva Convention.

Its time for a new voice for Ohio and a new direction in Washington.

Ira Leichtman

Houston, Texas


Willliam Otis, Ohio said...

I think we all support "reproductive rights"; but most of us do not support the killing of babies. How do you, as a Jew, think that God looks upon abortion? I doubt very much that He approves of the practice.

Regarding the minimum wage: From my experience in the corporate world, working in a Marketing department (and prior to that as a field service tech), job losses are usually the result of increases in the minimum wage. Those "extras" in the department who were hired to help out with filing and other tasks are often "let go" as the boss explains that the department doesn't have the budget to continue their employment at the higher wage (which of course also requires that the employer pay increased social security taxes for the person, as well as any other benefits tied to their pay scale). Or, planned hiring is put on hold (for the same reason). Companies have budgets. Hiring is dependent on these budgets, and those jobs at the lower levels (entry level) take a back seat to more important positions that need to be filled. This is the hard truth that you won't hear from the politicians. Also, your hamburger lunch will cost you more.

Most people only stay at the minimum wage for a very short time, as they advance in their job.

Many summer jobs sought by students will be lost as well.

Finally, how have DeWine and Bush undermined our civil liberties? You don't explain this, you just throw it out there as though it is some kind of well known truth. "Decimated" our Constitution? How? I would say that left wing "activists" judges have done more to decimate the Constitution. In fact, it has been trampled upon by these "Men in Black" (Mark Levin).

Finally, sorry, but the Geneva Convention doesn't apply to terrorists.

I'm from Ohio. I voted for Mike DeWine, though I'm not happy with him, but not for your reasons. However, the worst Republican is better than the best liberal Democrat.

Scrappy said...

I couldnt agree more - mr otis - too bad that most of ohio didnt agree with us though